Hundreds in Spain protest transfer of Franco's remains

By On July 15, 2018

Hundreds in Spain protest transfer of Franco's remains

People make the fascist salute at the Valley of the Fallen against the removal of Franco's remains | Javier Soriano/AFP via Getty Images

Hundreds in Spain are protesting the removal of the remains of Francisco Franco from a controversial monument built under the fascist dictator’s direction.

Spain’s new socialist prime minister Pedro Sanchez, who took office in early June, promised to remove Franco’s remains from the state-funded mausoleum, Valle de los Caídos, or Valley of the Fallen, north of Madrid.

According to a report in Spanish newspaper El País, protesters stood at the mausoleum, chanting Franco’s name, as well as slogans like “Catalonia is Spain” and “Spaniards, yes, refugees, no.”

The site contains the remains of tens of thousands of people, many who fought for Franco. Shortly after taking office, Sanchez announced plans to remove Franco’s body from the site and turn it into a memorial to those who died during the Spanish Civil War.

Protesters waving Spanish fascist flags demonstrate at the Valley of the Fallen

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Source: Google News Spain | Netizen 24 Spain

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