Botched makeover of 500-year-old St. George statue in Spain has fans fuming

By On June 27, 2018

Botched makeover of 500-year-old St. George statue in Spain has fans fuming

History has repeated itself twice as a farce after a second centuries-old work of art in Spain was the victim of a botched restoration.

The statue of St. George at a church in Estella in northeastern Spain is believed to have been completed in the 1500s, and a new coat of paint has locals pining to turn back the clock.


A regional bishop said that the local priest did not want to restore the statue but to only have it cleaned. The final product has been compared to the “Ecce Homme” disastrous restoration in 2012, which made headlines around the world and still inspires snickers on the internet.

The company behind the St. George project, Karmacolor, had published a video about the restoration process but has since taken it down as residents of Estella and restoration groups have voiced their outrage that what had bee n a naturalistic sculpture was turned into a cartoon.

The Association of Conservators and Restorers of Spain told El Pais that the product showed a “dreadful lack of previous training” and that it was going to file a complaint with potential criminal charges for destroying a cultural work.

Ana Herrera, the Minister of Culture for the Navarra region, said she is studying “sanctions” against those responsible.

City leader Koldo Leoz also posted on Twitter that Estella has launched an investigation into what happened and that a team of experts if assessing whether the job can be reversed.

The “Ecce Homme” restoration by octogenarian Cecilia Gimenez was called the “worst restoration in history” for making the figure of Jesus look vaguely like a monkey.

Source: Google News Spain | Netizen 24 Spain

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